How to Keep From Becoming Paralyzed with Fright and Anxiety

How Stressed Out Are You? If we’ve ever been in a time of high anxiety, it’s now. There isn’t anyone who hasn’t been affected by the uneasy feelings of these times. Here are some ideas about keeping it (somewhat) together, and knowing when to “actively stand still” because you are coming up with a game… [Continue Reading]

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In a Rut? Wondering What Else Life Might Have In Store for you?

Here’s a Fun and Dynamic Tool to Consider How often do you find yourself saying, “Is this all there is?” “Isn’t there more I could be doing in life?” “Has life just passed me by?” “What am I missing?” You know that blah feeling, where things just don’t line up as “happy” in your mind,… [Continue Reading]


Stress Relief Activities Can Improve Your Life

by: Edyta Kowalska There are many of different stress relief activities that you can use like yoga, art and seeing nature, but these are only a few of the many available. You can get relief from stress by doing something that you enjoy whether it’s doing a spot of gardening or going for a run. People… [Continue Reading]

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4 Step Plan for Expressing Anger Effectively

Take a breath – be positive – be part of the solution  – do not be part of the problem Step 1 Repeat positive and calming self-statements IMMEDIATELY, such as “I’ll get through this OK, Relax, Breath”.  Nothing is worth my making it worse.” Since your anger has been triggered, and you may be out… [Continue Reading]

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Use Social Activity As A Service and Benefit

Do you find you only feel “worthy” when you are getting attention from others?  Then you may find yourself feeling like you are  “disappearing” when you are in a group of people and don’t stand out in some way.  You may not understand why you feel this way or that you are even doing it.… [Continue Reading]

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